A recent survey of principals conducted and published by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), found that while many principals want to implement social and emotional skills learning (SEL), their teachers don’t have the time, support and resources to do so.

To me, the results of the survey point out the trap that we are in as a society and the way out. Principals report that they can’t teach social and emotional skills to kids right now because our teachers are being given an insane impossible job and none of the support they need to do everything that we’ve asked them to. Teachers literally don’t have enough time to teach kids how to love themselves and each other.

Think about that. Think about the Las Vegas and Texas shootings. Think about Charlottesville. Think about our fragile, insecure, terrified child of a president.

And why do we leave our teachers on the front lines with no backup? Because we’re a delusional society focused on the wrong stuff because nobody taught us social and emotional skills as kids… nobody taught us how to properly love and care for ourselves and each other.

So guess what? Time to start! We live in an era of incredible abundance in terms of spiritual, psychological, interpersonal and emotional resources. See a therapist! Find god! Take a yoga class! Go on a spiritual journey!

The more we do to heal ourselves, the more we do to heal this society… and the children we bring into it.