Hi Friends,

I’m offering classes in a variety of formats in the coming months. I just updated the schedule page, but thought it would help to post here as well.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Mindful Fridays @ Simon Says

Next class: 7/20/18, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Location: Simon Says Yoga, 4611 Sangamore Rd., Bethesda, MD

Description: As we transition from the work week to the weekend, we can take time to reconnect with what matters to us, and listen to the wisdom of silence. These classes will explore the foundational mindfulness and compassion practices that reveal the gifts of spaciousness, dignity, and warmth that are always available to us, no matter the season. New and experienced meditators welcome.

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IMCW Downtown Dharma

Next Class: 7/29/18 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Location: The Potters House, 1658 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC

Description: This is a mindfulness class in the Insight tradition. We explore mindfulness practices and the teachings of the Buddha. Classes include guided meditation, practice exercises & discussion. More details here.

Natural Awareness Half-day (4hrs)

Date & Time: August 5th, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Location: The Center for Mindful Living, Dharma Room, 4708 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

Description: Retreats, even brief ones, are a special opportunity to remember the gifts that are always here. When the mind is relaxed, aware, and supported by skillful knowledge, wisdom and kindness arise naturally. This half-day mindfulness meditation retreat, suitable for both beginning and experienced students, will emphasize developing a continuity of awareness, as taught by teachers like Carol Wilson and Sayadaw U Tejanyia. This retreat is offered freely on the basis of dana (generosity).

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Fall Mini-Retreat for the Overworked and Under Slept

Date & Time: First Half: 9/14 6PM – 9PM. Second Half: 9/15 11 AM – 2 PM.

Location: Simon Says Yoga, 4611 Sangamore Rd., Bethesda, MD

Description: In two, three-hour sessions we’ll explore mindfulness practices that bring us into closer alignment with our core values, attune us to the vibrant world around us, and awaken us to the limitless peace that is always here.

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