From time to time, friends ask me where they can find free guided meditations and other practice resources on the web. I thought I’d publish my most recent response on the site so that others can benefit.

Here are my recommendations for guided meditations and talks.

For guided meditations, I tend to listen to Tara Brach’s recordings, and sometimes those of Jack Kornfield.  Tara has hundreds of free meditations on this webpage and they follow a general pattern that I find comforting but they also vary enough that they stay fresh for me.

Jack has a few that I enjoy that you can listen to for free here:

Now… if you want to go a little deeper into the dharma, with talks and guided meditations, you might check out This is the main repository for guided meditations and dharma talks in the Insight (Vipassana) tradition, which is the one I practice in. Mostly I listen to the talks, rather than the guided meditations, but both are worthwhile. I often play a talk when I’m driving to work. I’ve found that a good dharma talk in the morning can completely change the outlook of my day.

There’s a LOT of material on Dharma Seed and I find some of it helpful and some of it less so. Here are some of the teachers whose teachings I find to be consistently helpful and accessible (clicking on the link will bring up their page):

Pascal Auclair

Tara Brach

Anushka Fernandopulle

Jack Kornfield

Carol Wilson

Most of these talks are recorded at live events like meditation retreats, so if it seems like they are speaking very slowly and carefully, it’s probably because they have built up quite a bit of steadiness after many days of practice.